Wednesday, 14 January 2009

light and future in their hands

Nikon D80 | 1/400 seconds | f 5.6 | ISO 320 | 105 mm

Childhood - The 21st Century

How advanced they are, these children of the future,
Like small adults, within their tiny frames,
They grow up in a fast 'speed driven' culture,
Where 'learning pressures' change their kind of games,
Where is their childhood, in all this hurly burly,
Where is their pure untainted view of things,
Why do they have to grow so old, so early,
And lose the joy that only childhood brings.

Our childhood was filled with thoughts of joy and gladness,
We lived our lives, oblivious to the world
And all the hardships, wars, the grief and sadness,
We stood, waiting for our lives to be unfurled.
We had time to grow, and gain an understanding,
Of each new phase, each change along the way,
As we grew slowly, our senses all expanding,
So with clarity, we slowly changed our play.

We had a framework on which to build and flourish,
Slow and steady, this was no rushed affair,
Taking each step, then step by step to nourish,
Our childhood, so finally adulthood we would share.
What will become, of these 'New Century' learners,
I doubt if they, a dreamy childhood see,
Will they then tell to all those bright discerners
Of their own, how they remembered their childhood to be.

a poetry by Ernestine Northover*



groenkemarquez said...

Beautiful portrait !!! You have an great collection in this blog !

Tudor said...

lovely curls. they make this portrait outstanding. why don't you post everyday? I see you have with what to feed the photoblog...

Mario ISO101 said...

Hey a charming shot! Very sweet! I like the B&W!

PD: Julia in my photoblog is Julia Roberts, but a "wax copy"!

aesh said...

@Tudor: because i don't have the time that i would want to have for this passion. i have also a job you know? :)
but thanks for your comment

sherri said...

Wonderful portrait. Our oldest son had hair like that when he was a toddler.

Sheila @ Dr said...

I love the highlights in the hair!!

aesh said...

@Sherri: you are lucky then, I like a lot children with curls, even more if they keep it when they grow up.

@Sheila: I got your e-mail also. thanks a lot for visiting my site and I'm glad you like it. I myself found a lot of interesting articles on yours. see you around

yz said...

That's a lovely portrait of a lovely kid! I like how the light shines on the curly hair.

Anonymous said...

lovely picture. you used the sharpen tool very good.
i read also the poetry and is so real the fact that children today look like small adults, this is in part the fault of their parents. I for one don't understand their rush to get older and don't cherish they youth..

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful. Our nephew is the same age I think. They live in their own little world sometimes. Great portrait.

Fabrice said...

Our beautiful blond head ... Great portrait.

Cliff Pereira said...

Wow, what a wonderful portrait. The b/w adds even more atmosphere.

mo.langel said...

Excellent cadrage, très belle image!

Fia said...

Hair like an angel. Great portrait!!

Nadja said...

What a lovely touch.

Thanks for your visit !

Raffi said...

Beautiful portrait! Very nice in b/w!