Wednesday, 7 January 2009

alfred's birds

Nikon D80 | 1/800 seconds | f 7.1 | ISO 800 | 75 mm

this is a pleading for the need for good movies.

"I don`t understand why we have to experiment with film. I think everything should be done on paper. A musician has to do it, a composer. He puts a lot of dots down and beautiful music comes out. And I think that students should be taught to visualize. That`s the one thing missing in all this. The one thing that the student has got to do is to learn that there is a rectangle up there - a white rectangle in a theater - and it has to be filled.
Alfred Hitchcock [British film director and producer. 1899-1980]

Movie lines from Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" [1963]

Melanie Daniels: Just what is it you're looking for, sir?
Mitch Brenner: Lovebirds.
Melanie Daniels: Lovebirds, sir?
Mitch Brenner: Yes. I understand there are different varieties. Is that true?
Melanie Daniels: Oh yes, there are.
Mitch Brenner: Well, uh, these are for my sister, for her birthday, see, and uh, as she's only gonna be eleven, I, I wouldn't want a pair of birds that were... too demonstrative.
Melanie Daniels: I understand completely.
Mitch Brenner: At the same time, I wouldn't want them to be too aloof, either.
Melanie Daniels: No, of course not.
Mitch Brenner: Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are... just friendly?


Paco Díaz said...

Very interesting composition, and good b/w. Really looks like an hommage to the great Alfred H.
Thanks for your comment, cheers!

Tudor said...

oh, old hitchcock days. just last night I was at the cinema and seeing what I've seen I know what you mean by "need for qualitative movies"
Excellent image and initiative.

MoniqueSamui said...

Great movie and these three are waiting for the rest to arrive. I hope you've got enough time to find a hiding place ;) Great composition with the diagonal lines and the grain and vignetting ads to the atmosphere of Birds!

yz said...

Cool! Great capture, very well composed.

don said...

I like the diagonal placement of the wires and the general simplicity of the shot. Very effective.

sherri said...

Nicely composed...they posed for you:-) The shot reminds me of a Holga capture.

Will Williams said...

Cool film grain effect.

Oeilonirique said...

All the beauty in the simplicity. said...

Picture reminds me indeed of a movie, great composition. Well done!

Steph said...

Very well composed.
Superb black atmosphere, AH surely loved it..
A+ said...

Image to Hitchcock ! My year of birth ...
Nice image.

Anonymous said...

I love this shot, the composition and the grain. So simple but visually effective. Great work.

613photo said...

Great shot. Love the graininess and hard contrast. The vignette is good.

Loved that particular scene in "The Birds".

Walter Neiger said...

simple and strong work ... I like the composition and grain!

Dungha said...

excelent lucrat!

rain girl said...

beautiful, melancholy picture. its eerie though i don't know why.

haven't seen birds, but yes, i love Hitchcock. And his quote is so, so right!