Thursday, 11 December 2008

sos swallows

Nikon D80 | 1/80 seconds | f 5.6 | ISO 160 | 135 mm
i found out recently that the common swallow is about to disappear. the news is at the same time odd and... sad. I, like the person who's article make me think about this little creature, Harris Wallmen, chief editor of roumanian Photo Magazine publication, wondered about the causes.
after a superficial online documentation, i found out that the swallow population of most of the european big cities just vanished. for this phenomenon exists a lot of reasons, like: the industrialization of agriculture in the rural areas, the intensive use of pesticides, the lack of food or the massive tree clearing from the cities that made impossible the finding of a place where to put their nest.
in the end, Wallmen said it beautiful: "the swallow likes to live almost exclusively in the presence of humans. She never abandon her pair once in the short life she has, of four or five years. and, even if she isn't extremly talented, like the nightingale or the blackbird, she is one of the most garrulous singers. the world without swallows seems more deplorable and plaintive


Nomade said...

You're right, swallows have almost disappear. Here also.
Pollution, pesticides and other great things from our civilisation.
We can't look anymore at their mad flights before the spring rain.
Perfect texture and tones of the wood

Mario said...

Very nice catch.
Beautiful photo where the powerful message simply jumps at you.

aesh said...

thank you both :)

don said...

I like the beautiful flowers. Strong message.

aesh said...

thank you Don even if you posted at the wrong photo.. maybe is my fault for placing the comment link at the beginning of the post and not at the end.. you are not the only one.. i don't know what to do with this situation :)
anyway you are most welcomed

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rain girl said...

oh i LOVE this song!! oops, sorry, i like your photo too :P

you came to my photo blog on aminus so am scrolling through your blog - you are such a good photographer! am envious. :)