Tuesday, 30 December 2008

any day is a good deed day

Nikon D80 | 1/15 seconds | f 5.6 | ISO 160 | 125 mm

.. as one friend stated today “the children that weren’t present, didn’t get any present from Santa.. hohoho”, I realized this Christmas [as I realize it every each one, and here I take my blame] that we are forgetting what are the real significations of it. And I remember what I read recently, an affirmation of Calvin Coolidge, the thirtieth President of the United States: “Christmas isn’t a period, neither a season, but a state of spirit. The true spirit of Christmas means to value peace and good willing and to offer, fully, compassion”. And remember.. we don’t really need the Christmas to gave presents.. any day is a good day for making good deeds :)

And now.. some kind of post scriptum.. Recently I was asked why I tend to see always the down side of things an accordingly to that to take photos and to manipulate them thru processing or thru the words I say. . So I made an inventory of all the entries in this last few past months since I started this photoblog [is great that I had also the time to do so].. and.. I discovered that it’s a doze of truth in those allegations. Still I refuse to comment upon the matter. Is my way to see things. Everyone else is free to get a camera and relate their own We all are moody human beings, or not?

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Tudor said...

after all you give me justice: we all are moody human beings :))
you are right this time too, regarding christmas... I for one didn't find yet the place in the bible were is mention clear, black on white, that his birth date is 25th december. I don't know if you were curious ever about this aspect, but, is an interesting aspect to study regardless what are ones religious believes.
the picture is also well composed. was a quick one, no? but you managed quite well to hide the shaking when you process it. bravo

sherri said...

Very nice portrait:-)

krims@nline.be said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my site, I'm hereby returning the pleasure by commenting here. Love this portrait, nice how you place the focus on the kids face. Well done!

aesh said...

@Tudor: actually the idea that Jesus wasn't born in 25th December isn't so new for me. and the arguments are strong...
as for you comment regarding the shot.. it seems you know quite well were I was coming from.. you seem to know about in general about photography, but still you have no portfolio of your own.. it's kind of.. strange

@Sherry: thanks for your visit. always nice to have on my blog someone who's work I highly appreciate

@krims@nline.be: I was only telling what your photo inspired me :).

Zohre said...

Very nice portrait. :)

sherri said...

I commented on this one before, but I was just reading the description again. I'm like you in my outlook, but I refused to be labeled a pessimist. I'm a realist. I read a quote one time that said something like, "The trouble with an optimist is people don't think they know what's going on." ... it's humorous, but I think it's true:-)

Ovidiu said...

I love this child portrait!
(Maybe a little too much processing though.) Have a nice day!

dj.tigersprout said...

so darling!!! a lovely intimate portrait!