Friday, 20 June 2008

santa claus is coming... by train

… I close my eyes for just one moment and I imagine that Santa Claus exists and he’s scouring the world all year long in order to check on us… have you been good or have you been bad? Sometimes I almost can hear his mawkish voice asking me… And so, in order to give my mother satisfaction – for she always believed that I was a precocious child – I thought to give Santa a short insight view of my 2008 Christmas list… there it goes (in random order):
- in first place… some brief ones (and in the same time the ones that doesn’t stay in his power): faith, health, happiness, good friends, long life for the loved ones
- second… some of my whims :)
*a big raffia sack, filled with smaller sacks with all the tea assortments he can “borrow” from carturesti book(and more)shop
*an ice cream machine
*a daydreaming day every week
*good music in every teahouse or café in Bucharest
*all the books I want from
… mmm, and the list remains open to tomorrow’s wishes
aaa… and Santa, if I don’t ask too much… it doesn’t hurt to have a free pas to neverland :)

p.s. is it so obvious that I crave for my childhood? Lately, it’s just like a leitmotif of my thoughts, of my acts, of my writings, of every breath I take and give away and… it drives me insane, it’s insane indeed to linger upon memories that doesn’t come around anymore… be careful at your inner, deep hidden, child… I should know best

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