Wednesday, 22 April 2009

crossing the burning fields

Nikon D50 | 1/250 seconds | f 8 | ISO 1ooo | 55 mm

Thinking about relationships I realized that we people like to have all for granted: someone's trust, someone's time, someone's thoughts.. but often we don't have the patience to discover the other person, to raise the "veil of weeds" and discover someone's real personality. So we have shallow friends and shallow experiences with people. I am not an exception. In my defense I say just that I lack patience. Also add some bad experiences with people.
I find easier to trust strangers.
These said, at somebody's suggestion I played a little game named "100 things about me", after all we are the sum of habits, memories, frailties, wishes and so on and so forth..
So there it goes..

1. My middle name is Dori.
2. My mom named me also Romina after the Italian singer Romina Power.
3. I had a blessed childhood.
4. My favorite game back then was hide and seek.
5. I wish I could time travel.
6. I used to play handball in elementary.
7. I was growing up my nick name was Dexter.
8. I prefer carbon pencils over pens.
9. I like black pens over blue pens.
10. Palatino Linotype is my favorite font.
11. I have a bachelor degree in journalism and a master degree in management.
12. My father wished I was an accountable. I hate math.
13. I relax myself cooking.
14. Every recipe I tried work out delicious.
15. I don’t know how to use the washing machine.
16. I own a stamp collection.
17. When I was young my parents made me take violin and piano lessons.
18. I don’t know how to play violin or piano anymore.
19. I can read musical notes.
20. Salman Rushdie is one of my favorite writers.
21. The last concert I went to was Koop Life in Bucharest.
22. I love to people watch.
23. I don’t have a best friend.
24. I have just a few friends.
25. I don’t trust people in general.
26. I have strong believes.
27. One of my grandfathers made jail time for his religious believes.
28. I don’t like to chat on the internet.
29. I am an extrovert.
30. I have 5 coffee mugs at work. I don’t drink coffee.
31. I don’t smoke either.
32. I used to be an workaholic. Not anymore.
33. I have premature grey hair.
34. I would have voted for Barack Obama as president if I was an American citizen.
35. I absolutely love to travel. I have visited five countries until now.
36. My favorites cities are: Sighisoara (Romania), Venice (Italy), Lucca(Italy) and Bucharest (Romania). Yes, you read it right: Bucharest.
37. My favorite website is – the guide of clever traveler as I like it to call it.
38. I like cats.
39. I really really like cats.
40. I don’t have cats.
41. Someday I will own a Mini Cooper.
42. I am allergic to coconuts.
43. I am not a big fan of “reality” television.
44. What I like most about television are the news and the politic talk-shows.
45. I like people that know about the major themes of the day in the world.
46. I am environmental oriented.
47. I never had earring holes.
48. I don’t look good in mauve.
49. Lots of my clothes are grey.
50. I don’t really like blue jeans.
51. Most of my wardrobe is bought from Mini Prix outlet.
52. I use to sell the clothes I don’t wear anymore.
53. I have 47 purses at current time. I had 64 a while ago.
54. I didn’t count yet how many pairs of shoes I own.
55. The other day I came home with one shoe, the left one, number 5 (37 in European numbering), and the other one, the right one, number 7 (39 in European numbering).
56. I am photophobic.
57. My sunglasses model is just like those in “Breakfast at Tiffany's”.
58. I like candle’s light.
59. I don’t trust credit cards.
60. I don’t currently own a credit card.
61. I love Christian’s Dior J’Adore fragrance. And Addict2 fragrance. And Gucci by Gucci. And Calvin’s Kleine Euphoforia Blossom. Oh, and Hypnose from Lancome.
62. I like to express my self thru writing and photography.
63. I own a Nikon D80. I secretly dream about Nikon D700.
64. My last camera gear acquisition was a Lensbaby Composer.
65. I spent an important part of my childhood in the darkroom.
66. My mother used to be a professional photographer.
67. I believe in emotional intelligence. I think most people lack it.
68. I once worked like a babysitter.
69. I don’t really feel the urge of being a mother yet.
70. I feel in my element in the water.
71. I like skinny dipping.
72. I don’t know how to scuba dive.
73. I like wild beaches.
74. I am movie addicted. I dare you to name one I didn’t already see.
75. Sex and the City is one of my favorite serial. It should be used like educational material in high school.
76. I don’t buy glossy magazines. Ever.
77. I am a moody person.
78. I have a scalpel scar on my left shoulder.
79. I like hand made things.
80. I like the subway.
81. I don’t give money to beggars.
82. I eat too much salt.
83. I like tomato juice.
84. When I was little I used to eat fresh snow.
85. My dog bit me when I was six years old. I bit him back.
86. I like sunflower’s flowers.
87. I have a driving license since 2001.
88. My first job was voice editor at one of the three main national televisions.
89. My first salary was something like 200 euros.
90. I like to play backgammon.
91. I am at day with my bills.
92. I laugh out loud.
93. I have a mobile modem.
94. I have the same mobile number since the beginning.
95. I like flying.
96. I was a Girl Scout.
97. I can’t whistle.
98. I dream a lot.
99. Nevertheless I can be arrogant, stubborn, pragmatic and self-indulgent, but also kind, intelligent, funny, practical, creative, loving, conscientious and realistic.
100. I almost quit on the way, but I made to 100. Must confess it was harder then I expected.


k@ said...

I let a message on the wrong place, it seems ? But you'll find it anyway at the previous post. Thanks again for these 100 gems that all are yours. We should all try this clever exercise, i'm sure it's harder than it seems but sure it helps a lot to know better what is your present state of mind & life. Kiss-kiss, Romina*

romina said...

because these comment was meant to be here, i permitted myself to place it. thanks k for the nice words. means a lot :)

"k@ has left a new comment:
Hello girl. Thks for passing by my place, it permitted me to discover your 100 answers to yourself, i read them all and it overwhelmed me. Can't say more... Thks for sharing your soul, and see you soon (i already enjoyed your human eye & work as a photographer, i now cherrish the oh-so touching words you offer... Sincerly yours ~ ~ ~ "

beanow said...

Wonderful...Lovely colours!

Chris Chisu said...

Esti o colectie de contradictii...Glumesc.Insa...doar o mica remarca: If you change the way you look at things...the things you look at...Change.
Astept sa vad mai multe rezultate de la acel bachelor in Journalism.
If you don't do it?...Who else?
Mda...chiar imi place sa calatoresc cu trenul.
Pentru mine trenul este ca viata...te deplasezi de la punctul A la punctul Z.Pe parcurs...unii se suie...altii coboara. Ca si relatiile din timpul vietii.
Greseala multora este ca se agata de unii calatori si incearca sa ii convinga sa coboare la alta statie decit intentionau ei de fapt. Funny, eh?
I've always enjoyed the Journey, not the Destination.
Keep up.

romina said...

stiu stiu povestea cu schimbarea modului de a vedea lucrurile. insa cred ca pierzi ceva din vedere. mie imi place cum gandesc, asa, uneori in alb sau negru, uneori la extreme. mi'este numai bine. in plus am trecut de nivelul nevoilor marunte cum este si cea de a fi placut(a) de toata lumea.
jurnalism.. imi place sa cred ca in aria mea de activitate chiar fac diferenta. ar fi multe de vorbit aici.. insa nu e locul si nici momentul.
inca ceva.. in ceea ce priveste calatoria, pot sa spun ca we share the same vision.. always enjoying the journey :)
see you around :)

k@ said...

Meant a lot to me too. See you and thanks again ~ 

Tudor said...

if I didn't know you in real life i would have said that you exaggerate in describing yourself this way. but as I had the opportunity to get to know you a little bit, I might say that you are quite accurate :)))
you have one of the most intriguing personalities. that I have ever met. don't change nothing at you.
beautiful photo too.

Eros said...

nice nice photos romina. i love ur photography :) and thnx for visiting my page dear .. x

eva said...

Very nice "coucher de soleil" !

AD Passion Photoblog said...

O captura (zic eu) excelenta - cromatica si compozitia, deopotriva; cat despre ce ai scris, am ras copios la no. 85 ;))

don said...

A gorgeous and unusual sunset with the grasses in the foreground as a close up. Nice variation on sunsets! Love the colors. Strong picture.


An incredibly beautiful photograph, and my goodness, we have learned a few things about you today!

Laurie said...

The silhouettes of the tall grasses are wonderful. Lovely colors.

SD (Aspherical) said...

I really like the angle of this - very unique and works so well with the colors of the sky.

Hoai Bao Photography said...

Such a beautiful silhouette photo. Lovely colors too. Great work.

yz said...

that's a cool list :)
i've never been to a wet darkroom, i must confess, i slightly envy that point :))
nice sunset image

Zing said...

Wonderful shot, love the silhouettes and the golden sky.

Christopher said...

What a list. While I came to look at your photos, I found myself looking at your words more. Amazing.

Andreas said...

Oh dear, what a list. That's interesting. Don't know if I could manage to create one for myself, but I shall think about it. It may be an interesting experience, probably even more so for me :)


Bogdan said...

Hm..acu am si eu ocazia sa aflu mai multe despre tine. Si ce lucruri misto am aflat.
Noi cunosteam doar rezultatul muncii tale(cel putin cea pe care o vedem noi pe blog - fotografia) dar tu ne-ai arata reteta si ingredientele care au adus la produsul final.
Iti multumesc pentru ceea ce ai impartasit. o mica nota, la 36. ai enumerat doar 4 din cele 5 orase favorite.

bluechameleon said...

The colours are just incredible...this is an image from and for the soul. Your words amazed me...thank you for sharing your talent and yourself :)

sherri said...

Enjoyed reading your 100 things. I can imagine how difficult it would be. I'd keep changing some of them because there are things I'd be afraid people wouldn't understand in a one liner:-) Your image is absolutely superb.

Arjan - PlasticDaisy said...

That was an interesting read. I learned something, or maybe even 100 somethings ;) Nice sunset! Warm colours!

Briony said...

wow i love this! beautiful sunset and perfect silhouettes!

Michael Rawluk said...

I could never do that. Well, maybe if I had a year.